What is the Connecticut Educational Software Hub?

The Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology designed the Hub with input from district leaders, parents, educational technology providers, and school law attorneys to streamline compliance and purchasing. The site allows school leaders and educators to search for technology solutions based on a variety of factors — subject, grade level, standard, etc. — including providers’ pledges to comply with Connecticut's student data privacy laws. In turn, companies use the Hub to register and post information about products, as well as to review and pledge compliance with the terms of our state's student privacy statute.

The Connecticut Educational Software Hub is built on LearnPlatform, a research-based education technology management system designed by, with, and for educators and their service providers. Thousands of educators and institutions nationally use LearnPlatform to discover and manage more than 4,000 products.

What are the benefits for educational software providers?

Providers who register their products appreciate a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Increased visibility among leaders in Connecticut’s 169 school districts seeking products that comply with our state’s statute and designed to improve the achievement of our 500,000+ public school students.
  • Easy reference through a “Pledge” badge that your privacy terms comply with Connecticut’s statutes.
  • Single and authoritative point of reference for current Connecticut student data privacy statute and requirements. The information you provide in your registration will also enable us to contact you as our laws change.
  • Procurement tools and platform for identifying and working with districts that have interest in your products and services.

I need to download a copy of the Pledge for internal review before I sign. Is there a portable version?

Yes. Click here to download a PDF version for review with your team members.

Who is eligible to register?

Any software, app, or other educational technology provider may register, regardless of geographic location.

Is there a fee to join or register products on the Hub?

No. Registration is free for educational software companies as well as for district leaders and educators.

Our product is free. Should I still apply?

Yes. Free products must still comply with the terms of Connecticut's student data privacy statute.

How do I register my products on the Hub?

Does signing the Student Data Privacy Pledge make my product compliant with Connecticut law?

No. Signing the Pledge indicates compliance, but providers must ensure that their terms comply with the state’s privacy statute. Consider using the Model Terms of Service Addendum as language to incorporate into your terms, or simply as a quick checklist to look for alignment with Connecticut statute. 

Where can I get more help?

You may email support@learnplatform.com or click either the "Support" or chat buttons on any page in the Hub. 

Education technology providers should leverage the following resources:

  • Governing Statute: See Connecticut General Statutes §§ 10-234aa through 10-234dd, available from the Connecticut General Assembly Web site at http://bit.ly/CT-SDP_Stat.
  • Model Terms of Service (TOS) Addendum: Providers looking to comply with Connecticut’s law by modifying their current TOS or creating a contract addendum may use the language contained in the Model TOS Agreement Addendum at http://bit.ly/CT_Model_TOS. Providers must address all of the contractual requirements defined in the Model TOS Addendum. The only variable components of that document are highlighted in red text. These sections serve as placeholders for contractors and their Board customers to define protocols specific to each executed contract. Any contract entered into between a contractor and Board on or after July 1, 2018, that does not contain the provisions detailed in state statute and reflected in the Model TOS is considered void.

What resources are available to help me understand and comply with Connecticuts law?

See System-Approved Digital Resources

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